Keon Pettiway, M.F.A., Ph.D.                                                                                                             About                 Work                 Contact 
Rhetorical Historian  +  Designer  +  Digital Humanist                           

I am an assistant professor of Communication in the School of Communication, Media and Theatre Arts at Eastern Michigan University. My primary work focuses on the circulation and formation of race and postcolonial identity through public address, especially visual and design culture in Africa and the United States.  


My research, teaching, and service center on four subject areas: (1) social movements; (2) branding; (3) health and environmental communication campaigns; (4) digital activism and advocacy.


I teach undergrduate and graduate courses in intercultural communication, interracial communication, and rhetorical theory. I am also Co-Principal Investigator of the Virtual Martin Luther King, Jr. Project with Dr. Victoria Gallagher

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